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Residential Inpatient

Our residential inpatient program in Prescott, Arizona, Seaglass at Royal Life Centers, offers quality medical and clinical care in order to safely and effectively treat substance use disorders in women who are 18 years of age or older.

As a part of Royal Life Centers, we are proud to be a part of one of the leading drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment networks in America. Partnered closely with our medical detox facility in Prescott, Seaglass is staffed by medical professionals, therapists, and other addiction treatment specialists who work to smoothly transition female guests from the detox level of care into our residential inpatient program.

Each of our clinical and medical personnel are ideal examples of addiction treatment specialists, offering our guests the skill and expertise that comes from the hard work and dedication needed to obtain the necessary certifications and exposure within this field.  Here at Seaglass, we have all the needed experience, resources, and programming that you or your loved one needs to heal from substance use disorder.

What is Residential Inpatient?

Royal Life Centers Addiction Treatment Network offers residential inpatient services at our Seaglass facility located in Prescott, Arizona. We staff the finest medical professionals, therapists, case managers, and other addiction treatment specialists. Our residential programs provide guests all the medical and therapeutic resources needed to overcome substance use disorder.

Throughout residential inpatient, guests live in our facility under 24/7 safety monitoring where they receive medical care and clinical support by our team of addiction recovery professionals.

As the perfect step down level of care from medical detox, our residential program affords our guests the opportunity to continue their therapeutic work and health stabilization with access to addiction recovery support and resources. Using the individualized treatment plan created in detox, each guests receives customized medication management and psychiatric care provided by their personal care team while participating in personally-selected group therapy activities.

Timeline for Residential Care

Our residential inpatient program is 2 weeks in length. Residential care can be extended to 30 days depending on the individual guest’s needs.

What Happens in Residential Inpatient?

Our residential inpatient program teaches the women in our program relapse prevention tools and coping skills that help to instill life-long changes. With more time away from past triggers, our guests may take more time to learn about themselves and discover healthy ways to combat stress in a calm and comforting environment. While early recovery can be an emotion-filled process that is taxing on the mind, body, and spirit, the decision to remain in treatment throughout the residential level of care offers you the support, resources, and tools you need to dig deep and work towards a sustainable recovery lifestyle.

As our guests navigate early recovery in inpatient, our staff of addiction specialists help them to integrate life skills that will help them to smoothly transition into everyday living. Our therapy program consists of both group and individual therapy sessions. While in residential, the women in our care attend five group sessions per day, each lasting one hour. In addition, guests participate in weekly individual therapy sessions to work one-on-one with their primary therapist. To ensure that our guests feel comfortable and secure in sharing, we keep our group sizes small and our topics based around the female experience.

Recovery for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Our comprehensive approach to treatment works to address all aspects of our guest’s lives. Through our individual and group therapy sessions, our therapists focus on female-related topics in addition to recovery-related discussions. These in-depth discussions provide thorough reviews of relapse prevention techniques, emotional regulation, trauma resolution, stress and anger management, and depression. Through working our holistic approach to treatment, guests restore the connection to their mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, the women in our care gain the tools and skills needed to maintain long-term sobriety. Our residential inpatient program emphasizes not only the importance of overcoming substance use disorder, but also adopting a new, healthy lifestyle.

Therapy for Women in Residential Inpatient

Within our gender-specific treatment program, our female guests participate in both individual and group therapy sessions that place an immense focus on female-based topics to encourage participation and engagement in treatment. By immersing them within our therapeutic community, our guests can feel comfortable sharing their experiences with trauma, relationships, or struggles in order to cultivate a healthier, more balanced mentality.

Our women-only residential program provides a tranquil, supportive space where women may develop strong connections with other women within the group as they tell their story and find comfort in shared experiences. As such, our guests naturally create healthy friendships as they practice their interpersonal skills while processing their traumatic memories and grow in recovery.

Our Residential Inpatient Program at Seaglass

As a continuum of care meant to follow treatment in our inpatient detox program, our residential inpatient programs consists of around-the-clock monitoring by medical professionals in addition to psychiatric care and medication management. In addition to medical care, our therapeutic services carry over into residential. As such, our female guests attend daily group therapy sessions and weekly individual sessions with their primary therapist. Our residential inpatient program aims to support those in early recovery and prepare them to begin outpatient programming at any of our aftercare facilities.

Treatment Amenities Offered by Seaglass at Royal Life Centers

To minimize day-to-day concerns from becoming a distraction during treatment, we provide concierge laundry services and meal services. In fact, our inpatient guests enjoy three chef-prepared meals each day with 24/7 access to snacks and drinks to consume at their leisure. Additionally, the women in our care are welcome to our game room—equipped with flat screen TVs, gaming consoles, board games, and a tabletop gaming center. Most importantly, while in our residential programs, you will participate in therapy in a group setting to begin building trust and finding support within the community.

Learn More About Our Treatment Programs

Following detox, female guests begin residential inpatient treatment at Seaglass at Royal Life Centers. Alternatively, our male guests may participate in our residential inpatient program in our male-only treatment center, Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5. Once guests complete our residential inpatient program in Arizona, we gladly extend an invitation to continue their treatment within one of our aftercare programs located in the state of Washington.

Outpatient Continuing Care​

Within Royal Life Centers’ aftercare facilities, we provide an in-depth and comprehensive outpatient program because we want to see our guests flourish in recovery. Designed as a continuum of care, our aftercare programs provide guests with additional medical and clinical support during our 12-week drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our aftercare and outpatient treatment facilities, Cascade Heights and Sound Recovery, are both located in the state of Washington.
We provide an in-depth and comprehensive outpatient program, because we want to see our guests flourish in recovery. In order to offer the best outpatient program for drug and alcohol addiction recovery, we separated our outpatient programming into three phases — a partial-hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and an outpatient program (OP). Each of the three phases lasts for four weeks, making our entire outpatient program 12-weeks in length.
Individuals who successfully complete a longer-term program or full continuum of care in aftercare treatment are statistically more likely to achieve lasting sobriety.
Within our aftercare programs, we offer a variety of wellness-based therapeutic treatment options including infrared saunas, massage therapy chairs, hyperbaric oxygen sessions, biofeedback, VR therapy and more that are available at our 12-week facilities. Moreover, all of our guests are afforded the opportunity to incorporate any and all of our aftercare services into their treatment plans for the ultimate holistic healing experience.
If you or a loved one would like more information about our residential inpatient program Seaglass at Royal Life Centers in Prescott, Arizona, or any of our addiction treatment programs, please reach out to our admissions team at 866-960-7593. Because We Care.

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