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Our Mission

Seaglass Recovery is a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides a full spectrum of individualized care. We are passionate about discovering the path that works best for you on your journey through sobriety. Each one of our guests are empowered through our judgment-free, safe, and nurturing program.

We are centered in a holistic model of care—we believe that you must approach treatment through a multi-faceted lens. Mind, body and spirit are all essential elements to our well-being, and when one is off track, the others tend to be as well.


At Seaglass Recovery, our objective is to help you to discover your true self, so you can experience life as it should be. Seaglass Recovery treatment specialists ensure that you receive only the highest quality treatment available.

We provide expert medical, psychological, clinical, and spiritual care. Each one of our guests is a unique individual, so treatment plans are custom built around those individual needs. Our therapists and medical staff design a plan tailored to your experiences, individuality, and needs. Throughout your treatment at Seaglass Recovery, you can rest assured that you’ll be in a safe, friendly environment, with access to the finest physicians, therapists, and recovery experts to assist you on your journey.

We can’t wait to meet you and begin the healing process of recovery together. At Seaglass Recovery we believe that not only does everyone have the power to beat their addiction, but they also hold The Power to Transform.

Our mission and sole purpose is to help you rebuild a life founded on happiness, health, and meaning in sobriety. We will work tirelessly to ensure your success, because we believe you deserve the beauty that comes with a fulfilling life.

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