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Royal Life Centers Addiction Treatment Network offers a wide range of therapeutic offerings to assist the women in our care as they progress through early recovery in our residential inpatient program.

Our program here at Seaglass guides recovering women through a journey of growth and healing specifically tailored for each individual. Our staff are certified and trained in their specialty, offering clients the best-in-class of each therapy in our program that is designed to synergistically contribute to a woman’s healthier life. Our therapies are designed to support women, while still challenging our guests to face the unresolved traumas and obstacles that perpetuate self-medicating behaviors.

Therapy in Our Women’s Only Treatment Program

Upon admission in Seaglass at Royal Life Centers, each guest completes an in-depth clinical assessment that gives our team of addiction specialists a better understanding of the unique biological, social, and psychological factors that influence the individual’s substance use. Our clinical staff then collaborate with each guest to develop an individualized treatment plan (ISP) designed to make the recovery process as uncomplicated and effective as possible.

We provide a range of holistic and evidence-based therapies, which we then tailor to the unique needs of our guests within their ISP. Our therapies are meant to be intensive by nature, given the subject matter and duration of therapy sessions— we seek to uncover the root causes, core beliefs, and internal dialogues that keep our guests from reaching their full-potential in a life of sobriety.

Our women’s program at Seaglass offers therapeutic sessions on both an individual and small-group level.

Therapies offered at Seaglass include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Activity Therapy
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Equine Therapy

At Seaglass, we’re committed to providing the highest quality treatment for all of the women in our care. With these treatments, our guests receive the tools that they need to grow and thrive in recovery.

Individual Therapy

Seaglass therapy programs include individual sessions with professional therapists and group sessions facilitated by trained counselors with other recovering women. Additionally, our primary therapists work with guests to strengthen familial relationships.

Group Therapy

How do a woman’s beliefs and behaviors contribute to her dependence on drugs and alcohol? More importantly, what beliefs and behaviors would create a life of freedom, community, joy and peace? At Seaglass, group therapy is where recovering women collaborate to examine, explore and ultimately change their perceptions and patterns of behavior.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

In CBT therapy, the women in our care learn to identify, challenge, and change unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. Female guests work with their therapist to recognize false narratives that clutter their thoughts, leading them down a rabbit hole of irrational thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and unwanted behaviors. Together, the guest and her therapist brainstorm alternative, positive thought patterns and practice healthy coping skills to bring about change.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Women often face rejection and barriers that may drain them of energy to fight back against their pain. DBT therapists provide the validation and acceptance many women need to rebuild their sense of self-motivation during early recovery. Our guests also learn how to challenge rigid thinking patterns that have been beaten into the minds of women by society, allowing them to reject irrational expectations and embrace realistic, beneficial goals for recovery.

Trauma Therapy

To help lessen the impact of untreated trauma on our female guests as they enter early recovery, Seaglass provides trauma therapy sessions. Our licensed trauma therapists guide our female guests as they work through past traumatic events, helping them instill healthy coping skills to help them overcome feelings of fear and doubt if and when triggers occur.

Activity Therapy

Activity therapies are geared toward to act of self-expression, teaching our female guests healthy ways to communicate their feelings and challenge their emotions through healthy, creative activities. Within our programs, guests are offer creative arts courses such as writing, drawing, music and dance that encourage them to showcase their true self – their story, thoughts, and emotions.

Adventure Therapy

While participating in adventure therapy, women work together as a team to conquer the wilderness and take back their power in recovery. Adventure activities are structured so that our guests are immersed in nature as they participate in outdoor group games and wilderness expeditions, leaning on each other and taking the initiative to power through challenges until they reach their goals, ultimately cultivating self-pride, trust, and motivation. As they work through experiences that engage their problem solving skills, the women in adventure therapy naturally regain their physical, social, and psychological health.

Equine Therapy

As part of our aftercare program, we encourage all of our guests to participate in equine-assisted therapy (EAT). Guests in equine therapy interact with horses as a form of animal-assisted therapy. These sessions can include petting, grooming, feeding, caring for, or leading horses. While caring for their horses, guests to be more in tune with their actions and emotions through the horses responses. In fact, equine therapy has been shown to promote emotional growth due to the horses ability to mirror human emotion— guests learn to gauge the impact of their demeanor, making them more in tune with their actions and emotions.

Why is Therapy Important?

During early recovery, guest’s are just beginning to heal from the physical, emotional, and spiritual damages caused by substance abuse. Working with a therapist who is experienced in addiction-sensitive counseling gives the women in our inpatient program the opportunity to explore their emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. As such, participating in individual and group therapy sessions help to rebuild our guest’s self-esteem, self-motivation, and overall health. Also, therapy can teach guests relapse prevention skills that enable them to cope with daily stressors and cravings.

Therapy for Women in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

During treatment in drug and alcohol rehab, the women in our care are paired with their personal addiction therapist. Together they create an individualized treatment plan tailored to the guest’s needs and goals for recovery. As a result, this plan is unique to each guest and acts as a guide for their participation in group and individual therapy sessions. Seaglass at Royal Life Centers does not subscribe to a “one size fits all” method of treatment— unlike some treatment center’s who subject guests to the same, uniform program of recovery.

On the contrary — we place special emphasis on creating unique treatment plans that are tailored to individual’s goals and needs in recovery. In fact, we continue our person-centric values within every service provided in our female-only treatment center.

For instance, all of the therapy discussions and educational courses at Seaglass are specifically tailored to the female experience. As a result, the individual and group counseling provides an extra layer of support and understanding that promotes confidence and self-worth in our female guests. As each woman processes the underlying factors that influence their substance abuse in the past, they are able to free themselves of irrational fears and past pain.

Learn More about Our Treatment Programs in Prescott, Arizona

When you or your loved one is ready to get help, reach out to Seaglass Recovery today. We offer a women’s rehab center along with a variety of programs to jumpstart your recovery. These include: Arizona Program Offerings
  • Non-medical Detoxification/Stabilization Program
  • Medical Detox Program
  • Residential Inpatient Program
While working through Seaglass at Royal Life centers’ women-only residential inpatient program, guests stay in a shared bedroom with comfortable bedding, receiving concierge laundry services. In our residential program, all bedrooms are equipped with flat screen TVs so that each guest may relax and watch television. All of the women in our care have 24/7 open access to our kitchen for snacks and drinks, as well as our game room—equipped with gaming consoles, board games, and a tabletop gaming center. Most importantly, while in residential inpatient, guests participate in intensive therapies within in a group setting to begin building trust and finding support within the community. The staff members at our recovery center are caring, supportive, and experienced. Our goal is for you to begin your recovery in a safe environment while you obtain the tools needed for future success. To learn more about what we offer and how we can help you overcome addiction, contact us today. You can use our secure online form or call us at 866-960-7593.

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