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Seaglass at Royal Life Centers, our Addiction Treatment Network’s rehab for women, is nestled into the historical town of Prescott, Arizona.

Seaglass offers an escape from the hustle and bustle found in bigger cities. This air of seclusion is great for individuals in aftercare treatment, as it limits the introduction to temptation as they rejoin their communities in early recovery. Equally important, the inside of our facility provides a colorful atmosphere to mirror the cheery demeanor of our town and Royal staff.

Dive Deep...

Immerse yourself in physical and mental landscapes unlike anywhere else! At Seaglass, the women in our care learn to embrace their sense of wonder as they are welcomed into a life of recovery. Pulling inspiration from Prescott’s expansive blue waters, we dive deep into the female experience and give them the skills to rise up into the warmth of the sobering sun.


...And Heal In Nature

Take in the calming scent of fresh ponderosa pine trees alongside one of Prescott’s serene lakes tucked up amongst the mountains. Tranquility is but moments away when you’re surrounded by Arizona’s shimmering lakes lined with blushing foliage that offer a home for deer, eagles, fish, and, most importantly, you.


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