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Aftercare Program

Following the completion of treatment in Seaglass at Royal Life Centers’ residential inpatient program, guests are welcome to continue their treatment within our community-based aftercare and outpatient program in the state of Arizona. Our location in Prescott contains a separate facility offering a continuum of care within our 12-week drug and alcohol rehabilitation for male and female guests.

Throughout our holistic, evidence-based treatment programs, our guests are guided through the transition from a residential level of care into a less restrictive, but structured aftercare program.

What is Aftercare?

After completing inpatient care at our women-only rehab, Seaglass at Royal Life Centers, guests may continue their treatment by entering into our 12-week aftercare programs. 

Designed to follow our residential program, our addiction treatment network offers aftercare services at our facilities located in both the city of Mead and Lacey in Washington state. At each of our 12-week aftercare treatment centers, our team of medical and clinical professionals are kind and compassionate addiction treatment specialists who provide a continuation of care for those progressing through early recovery. Aftercare treatment at Royal Life Centers provides each individual with the medical and therapeutic treatment, support, and resources they need to maintain a sober lifestyle and heal from substance use disorder.

Throughout our aftercare programming, guests may live at home or transition into our sobering living homes as they continue to receive clinical and medical care by our team of addiction recovery professionals to best support their recovery maintenance as they rejoin society.

Focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit, each of our aftercare programs is broken down into three transitional stages. In doing so, our program enables guests to ease back into the community following their time in medical detox and residential inpatient. As a continuation of care following inpatient treatment, aftercare transitions each guest through partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP). Moreover, our 12-week aftercare program gradually reintegrates guests into the outside world at a pace tailored specifically to their needs and goals in recovery.

Aftercare | 12 Weeks Total

STAGE 1: PHP | 4 Weeks
STAGE 2: IOP Phase 1 | 4 Weeks
STAGE 3: IOP Phase 2 | 4 Weeks

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) | 4 Weeks

Group Therapy Sessions
Monday – Friday | 6 hours per day
Saturday | 3 hours per day

Intensive Outpatient Phase 1 | 4 Weeks

Group Therapy Sessions
Monday – Friday | 3 hours per day

Intensive Outpatient Phase 2 | 4 Weeks

Group Therapy Sessions
3 days per week | 3 hours per day

Sober Living [Optional] | 12+ Weeks

Group Therapy Sessions
House Meetings | 1 hour per week

What Happens in Aftercare?

Our 12-Week Aftercare Program is a continuum of care for those working through early recovery during drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our outpatient aftercare treatment is broken down into three transitional stages: partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) phase 1 and  intensive outpatient (IOP) phase 2. 

Holistic treatment in aftercare, and within all levels of treatment at Royal life Centers, is evidence-based and includes group, activity, movement, individual, adventure, and equine therapies, as well as psychiatry with medication management.

Why is Aftercare Important?

Individuals who successfully complete a longer-term program or full continuum of care in aftercare treatment are statistically more likely to achieve lasting sobriety.

Comprehensive Care for Long-Lasting Recovery

The comprehensive approach to Royal Life Centers aftercare services is collaborative and all-encompassing. Aftercare treatment aims to inspire holistic healing, affecting mental, physical, and spiritual change in the lives of our guests. Incorporating evidence-based psychotherapies such as CBT and DBT teaches introspection and emotional intelligence, inspiring exploration and growth in our guests. Through collaboration with their therapist, case manager, employment specialist, and peers, our guests find themselves once again in recovery.

Both Royal Life Centers’ PHP and IOP levels of care utilize each guest’s customized treatment plan to ensure that their engagement in treatment continues and their goals and needs are met throughout their treatment. At Royal Life Centers, we understand the disservices done in pre-determined, pre-scheduled groups. Instead, our programs encourage each guest’s participation in their recovery. As they join their primary therapist in developing their Individual Service Plan (ISP), guests take an active role in creating their treatment plan so that it may meet their unique needs through their rehabilitation. Alongside their case manager, guests engage in the creation and planning of their future, learning about the community resources available to them in and after treatment.

Therapy for Women in Aftercare

Our holistic aftercare treatment incorporates individual and group therapy, psychotherapy, recreational opportunities, relapse prevention, education on gender-specific issues, trauma resolution, anger management, depression, and 12-step meetings to provide guests the resources needed maintain their new, sober lifestyle.

We also offer therapeutic services such as rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), activity and adventure therapy, and music therapy to provide a full spectrum of recovery methods. In doing so, we find that guests are able to identify which mode of treatment will benefit them most throughout treatment.

Designed to benefit individuals who have cultivated a support network and are capable of moderate self-sustainability and relapse prevention, aftercare programs prepare guests by teaching them beneficial coping skills, emotional regulation, in addition to educational and employment assistance. These skills and resources are incredibly valuable to early recovery as guests learn to maintain their new healthy, sober lives.

Sober Living in Aftercare and OP

For the duration of all stages of our aftercare programs, guests may choose to live in Royal Life Centers’ Sober Housing. Our housing consists of sober living residences for guests who have completed our residential inpatient programs and are transiting through our 12-week program. Additionally, we provide housing opportunities for those who have completed our aftercare program and wish to continue treatment in our outpatient program called Graduate Housing.
Our Sober Living Options: Royal Life Housing Available to guests in:
  • Aftercare Program
    • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
    • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Phase 1
    • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Phase 2
Graduate Housing Available to guests in:
  • Outpatient program (OP)
Our aftercare sober living homes assist in easing guests back into daily life after they have re-built important life skills that prepare them for a life of self-sufficiency in our residential inpatient program. Both Royal Life Housing and Graduate Housing act as an extension of our outpatient treatment programs by continuing the accountability measures, immersion in strong support systems, and establishment of stability in sobriety from facility to sober home. In doing so, we are able to provide our guests with unending support, encouragement, and resources to build confidence in their ability to maintain lasting sobriety. A sense of structure and consistency is key for our guests, which is why we ask guests to create a routine of making their beds daily, keeping their living environment clean, being involved in a community, and balancing work with life. We prepare our guests for independence and good decision-making skills during this phase of recovery to set themselves up for a successful life and lasting sobriety.

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