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Family Resources

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers understands the emotional toll a substance use disorder has on family members and loved ones. To help alleviate familial concerns about detox and treatment, we provide addiction-related resources to assist in making the entire process as smooth as possible. As a part of the Royal Life Centers, our residential inpatient program is designed so guests can focus their efforts on recovery in the safest, most comfortable environment without outside distractions, Because We Care.

Caring for Your Loved One at Seaglass

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers Addiction Treatment Network offers residential inpatient services in Prescott, Arizona. We staff the finest medical professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, case managers, and other addiction treatment specialists. Our women’s rehab center provides guests all the resources needed to overcome substance use disorder.

Our residential inpatient program runs for 30 days, and is the level of care focused solely on therapeutic rehabilitation. During residential inpatient, guests partake in a customized intensive therapy plan. Residential inpatient is where guests can focus on uncovering the root cause of their addiction, and partake in therapeutic work to heal from unresolved traumas, maladaptive behaviors and their effects, and harmful thought patterns. We choose to uplift our guests and empower them to use the tools we teach to rebuild a life that doesn’t support drug or alcohol use. Our methods encourage guests to re-build their lives to not only find acceptance, happiness and understanding, but also to sustain these findings.

Residential inpatient is also an all-inclusive program at Royal Life Centers. Our set private payment rate covers all clinical care including therapy, medical care, chef-prepared meals, etc. During residential inpatient, we even include laundry services so that our guests can focus on therapy. Residential inpatient is a key component of our full continuum of care. Coping mechanisms and skills learned in this program are invaluable for your recovery.

Royal Family Resources

We acknowledge how hard it is to understand the best way to be there for your loved one in a healthy, supportive way when they are struggling with substance abuse. Our mission is to provide family members and friends the resources needed to assist them in helping their loved ones. Listed below, we have another exceptional resource for those who have a loved one who is an addict. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you or someone you know is in need of support or care.

Support Group Resources For Family’s Affected By Addiction

Addiction, commonly known as a family disease, affects the life of the person with an SUD as well as the people who love them. As such, we suggest families and friends beginning taking steps toward finding their own sense of peace and recovery. There are a myriad of organizations and resources available to the families of people with SUD including Al-Anon meetings as well as local support groups. To find a local meeting in your area, or learn more about family support groups, click on any of these links:

  • Al-Anon – A 12-step-based support group for people whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s drinking.
  • Nar-Anon – A 12-step-based support group for people whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s addiction.
    • Narateen — A 12-step-based group through Nar-Anon for families with teenagers who have a substance use disorders.
  • Families Anonymous (FA) – A 12-step-based support group in which families collaborate on ways to deal with their loved one’s substance abuse.
  • Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL) – Support groups in which parents help parents find hope and process their child’s addiction.
  • Face It Together – Evidence-based peer coaching for those impacted by addiction.
  • SMART Recovery Family & Friends — Support meetings that provide easy-to-learn tools of SMART Recovery and CRAFT Therapy (Community Reinforcement & Family Training) to help families, friends, and their loved ones effectively support each other.
  • Partnership to End Addiction — A support community through that offers free online meetings hosted by trained parent coaches that share guidance on addressing drugs, alcohol and related issues with teen and adult children.

For more family resources and support, please visit the Royal Life Centers Facebook and Instagram. We devote all of our social media platforms to promoting addiction recovery awareness to end the addiction stigmas and educate the public. Our social media accounts provide daily positive affirmations, addiction education, and access to the Royal Recovery Community. We also have Facebook pages for each Royal Life Centers facility that can be followed by searching the facility’s name on Facebook’s directory.

Family Resources For Addiction Education and Advocacy

Beginning to understand and sympathize with your loved one who has a SUD is extremely crucial to mending family relationships and friendships. Various organizations commit their resources to delivering authentic information pertaining to addiction and recovery. If you’re looking for trustworthy resources and information to gain a greater understanding of substance abuse and recovery, click on any of the links listed below.

  • Shatter Proof — A nonprofit organization that provides resources for addiction prevention, treatment, recovery, and advocacy, focused on reversing the Addiction Crisis and ending the stigma surrounding substance use disorders.
  • Family Resource Center — An educational directory for scientifically supported information and resources from notable, national sources.
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) — A nonprofit professional society representing addiction treatment providers: NAATP provides numerous resources designed to offer assistance and knowledge regarding substance use disorder and treatment.
  • Recover Together With Google — Google’s addiction recovery directory includes a resource map, recovery support resources, recovery stories, and ways to advocate for treatment, prevention, and awareness.
  • National Families in Action (NFIA) — An organization that provides information about addictive drugs through reports, newsletters, infographics, podcasts, and other kinds of media to spread awareness and education.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) — A organization that offers volunteer work, advocacy opportunities, and education resources to spread awareness and end drunk driving.
  • The Voices Project — A recovery advocacy organization that provides educational and advocacy resources to change the way America thinks about addiction recovery.
    • The Voices Project Facebook — The Voices Project’s Facebook acts as a platform for anyone to voice their experiences with addiction.

Treatment is only the first step toward a life in recovery, most individuals require additional guidance to navigate and thrive in early sobriety. Begin to establish and sustain the foundation of your loved one’s recovery journey through addiction education and sober support systems. Enlightening yourself on the particulars of recovery from addiction proves that you care about their recovery success as well as prepares you if a relapse scare were to occur.

Family resources like Shatterproof and Google’s Recover Together cover the influence of person-first language— something we at Seaglass value and integrate into our treatment programs. Understanding how to approach your loved one about their substance abuse disorder is an essential tool to possess for conversations about addiction and recovery. These family resources can help you learn, flourish, and repair from the wounds of addiction.

Guest Privacy

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that imposes national standards to protect sensitive health information from being disclosed without the person’s consent or knowledge. We acknowledge that families are inclined to check in on their loved ones throughout their treatment process, however, we are required to receive written consent from the guest in order to disclose any information, due to HIPAA laws. In regards to HIPAA violations, Seaglass will not reveal medical records or any information pertaining to the guest prior to a signed HIPAA authorization form. Restrictions can be avoided or altered if the guest completes a HIPAA Release of Information Form that lists the name of the individual requesting their medical records. This release form has no deadline as it may be completed at any point throughout the treatment process. Upon request, a guest may also revoke authorization.
If you or a loved one would like more information about our residential inpatient program offered by Seaglass at Royal Life Centers or any of our addiction treatment programs, please reach out to our admissions team at 866-960-7593Because We Care.

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