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A Women-Only Treatment Center for Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers is a dually-accredited, comprehensive addiction treatment program for women seeking freedom from substance abuse or alcoholism. Our program follows evidence-based practices (EBP) for SUD/AUD recovery, as well as integrates therapies targeted to women and their unique recovery process.

Our approach is holistic, proven-effective and at an accelerated clinical pace to optimize your time in treatment. We offer two detox programs for individuals who have a dependence on substances, one of our detox programs serves as a stabilization period while the other (medically-assisted detoxification) is for individuals who have developed a physical dependence to substances.

Our Addiction Recovery Programs

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Medical Detox

Our medical detox program at Seaglass Recovery Arizona is designed to help individuals safely and comfortably navigate the withdrawal process. Withdrawal can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous experience, especially for those who have been struggling with substance abuse for an extended period of time. Our team of medical professionals closely monitors each individual’s progress during detox to ensure their safety, well-being, and success in early recovery.

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers

Residential Inpatient

Our residential inpatient program is the next step in our comprehensive treatment plan, following medical detox. Our guests attend group therapy for five hours a day, every day, along with regularly scheduled individual therapy sessions. Royal Life Centers has an on-site chef prepares three delicious meals a day, while snacks and beverages are always available in the kitchen. Medical staff is available 24/7 to ensure guest safety and address any needs that may arise.

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers


Our aftercare program is designed to help you maintain your sobriety and continue on your journey towards a fulfilling life. We understand that recovery is an ongoing process, and we are dedicated to providing support and resources for our clients long after they have completed our program. Through our aftercare program, your therapy sessions are tailored to your specific needs and can address any challenges or triggers you may face in early sobriety.

Following the detox period, guests transition into a residential inpatient level of care. There will be less medical monitoring during residential inpatient because our guest’s health is stable upon completion of our detox program(s). During inpatient treatment, women attend group and individual therapy sessions, as well as other therapy groups focused on unique circumstances and experiences that group members will have in common.

Our environment is perfectly suited for therapeutics to take place while providing all of the necessary support services to keep you growing and healing in recovery.

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Our Women's Treatment Program

Gender-Specific Treatment

Substance use disorders can influence men and women in different ways. Acknowledging the benefits of specialized therapy, alcohol and drug rehab programs in Prescott, Arizona offer gender-specific rehab programs to treat the medical and clinical needs of either gender.

inpatient treatment program - inpatient rehab

Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment

Our inpatient and outpatient treatment center in Prescott, Arizona, Royal Life Centers at Seaglass, offers quality medical and clinical care to safely and effectively treat substance use disorders for clients who are 18 years of age or older.

Individualized Therapy

Individualized Therapy

Individual therapy plays an integral role within recovery from addiction as it provides our guests with one-on-one guidance from our licensed health professionals during their time in Royal Life Centers at Seaglass.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

 Royal Life Centers at Seaglass staff utilize the power of group therapy to bring out the positive change in our guest’s lives. Group therapy is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to treating substance use disorder.

“This place and program saved my life. Finally surrendering and admitting I needed help and coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made. I found a new family and was around people that actually understood me. I finally wasn’t alone… I even picked up the hobby of making music in the studio. If you put the work in and take it seriously, it will be worth it. This program is great. Life changing. I got a lot of love for this program and for all of the people I met because of it.”

– L.A


Does My Insurance Cover Rehab?

We take a variety of insurance plans from various companies. Your insurance company may cover a large portion of your rehabilitation. Give our admissions team a call 24/7 or verify your insurance through our simple insurance verification form.

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