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Seaglass Recovery | The Power to Transform

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Seaglass at Royal Life Centers

Our Women’s Programs

  • Individual therapy sessions weekly
  • Group therapy sessions daily
  • Private, personalized treatment plans
  • Clinical supervision
  • Residential sober living environment
  • Case management services for legal, housing, employment issues
  • Aftercare plans for your successful sobriety!

World Class Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

We are Here to Help | 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Seaglass at Royal is a Women’s-Only evidence-based treatment center in Prescott, Arizona. Our Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation is Built From the Concept of Transformation.

We Know You Have the Power to Transform. Let Us Help You Get There.

Residential Inpatient

inpatient level of care
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A Women’s Only Treatment Center for Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Seaglass at Royal is a dually-accredited, comprehensive addiction treatment program for women seeking freedom from substance abuse or alcoholism. Our program follows evidence-based practices (EBP) for SUD/AUD recovery, as well as integrates therapies targeted to women and their unique recovery process.

Our approach is holistic, proven-effective and at an accelerated clinical pace to optimize your time in treatment. We offer two detox programs for individuals who have a dependence on substances, one of our detox programs serves as a stabilization period while the other (medically-assisted detoxification) is for individuals who have developed a physical dependence to substances.

Following the detox period, guests transition into a residential inpatient level of care. There will be less medical monitoring during residential inpatient because our guest’s health is stable upon completion of our detox program(s). During inpatient treatment, women attend group and individual therapy sessions, as well as other therapy groups focused on unique circumstances and experiences that group members will have in common.

Our environment is perfectly suited for therapeutics to take place while providing all of the necessary support services to keep you growing and healing in recovery.

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    Any and all information shared will be kept strictly confidential. We are a HIPAA-compliant facility with special attention to detail when it comes to our guest’s privacy and their rights as a patient.

    Dual Diagnosis for Substance Abuse or Alcoholism
    and Co-Occurring Disorders

    Comprehensive Women’s-Only Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

    Backed by Proven-Effective Methods

    Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment
    Holistic Approach
    Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)
    Behavioral Therapy
    Certified Counselors
    12-Step Integration

    Services to Ensure your Success

    Individualized Treatment
    Intensive Therapies
    Medical Care for Women
    Case Management
    Alumni Community & Events
    Community Service
    Residential Treatment for Alcoholism or Drug Abuse
    Address Co-Occuring Disorders
    Intensive Therapy
    Medication Management
    Distraction-Free Healing

    Addiction Treatment based on a Holistic Model

    Seaglass Recovery at Royal approaches addiction recovery by relying on evidence-based treatment methods.

    We include a wide range of therapeutic styles in our overall treatment, to give you the most thorough recovery experience.

    We focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a behavioral therapy founded on the notion of changing the way you think about things. A change in perspective is a powerful healing tool. We also use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to introduce coping mechanisms and skills that allow you to explore other modes of thinking before acting.

    Our general psychotherapy is carried out by qualified, licensed therapists— all who specialize in addiction therapy. These modes to recover are just the start of our comprehensive program.

    • Mind
    • Body
    • Spirit

    Our Holistic Model is designed to provide healing for the mind, body, and spirit. We tackle physically healing, mentally recovering, and spiritually thriving.

    We accept insurance from many providers, including:

    and many more!

    Lasting Freedom from your Substance Abuse and Addiction

    Get Help Today and Experience Life as it Should Be

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