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Group Therapy

At Seaglass Recovery we utilize the power of group therapy to bring out the positive change in our guests’ lives. Group therapy is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to treating substance use disorder. Being in the group setting creates a natural support network where group members openly share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with one another. Group members hold each other accountable throughout treatment and help one another to come up with solutions for their problems.

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Sharing with peers can help group members gain a better understanding of themselves, while boosting confidence and self-worth. One of the most important aspects of the group setting is the unique interaction that it creates between peers. Those who are in the process of overcoming substance use disorder tend to feel less alone and more connected to others when sharing with a fellow person in recovery. It’s easier to open up to someone when you know they truly understand what you’re going through.

We base our group therapy on a commonly used behavioral health model known as the transtheoretical model, or the “stages of change” model. The stages include pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. The goal is to transition from a place of uncertainty, to a place of certainty in sobriety.

Typical Group Therapy

Group sessions are typically an hour long, and include but are not limited to: 12-step oriented groups, relapse prevention techniques, problem solving skills, gender specific groups, trauma, and expressive therapy group. Guests are encouraged to be open and honest with others, allowing them to get the most out of the group setting.

Seaglass therapists decide how each group will be structured, followed by an educational session and open conversation. Groups focus on a variety of topics such as self-worth, goal-setting, self-discovery and identity, processing feelings, and managing emotions. Group facilitators make sure to maintain an open environment where guests are free to express themselves. Seaglass Recovery is a judgement-free zone, providing a safe haven for guests to embrace their emotions and discover growth.

Group Therapy Sessions

During residential treatment at Seaglass Recovery, guests will attend group for five hours a day, every day. After completing the residential phase of treatment, guests who continue on to PHP will attend group for six hours a day, six days a week.

During IOP guests attend group for three hours a day, three days a week. Following completion of the nine-week program, guests are encouraged to continue group therapy sessions at a frequency best determined by themselves and their therapist.

During residential treatment, guests will attend one-hour individual therapy sessions, every day. During outpatient treatment, individual therapy is once a week. Guests are encouraged to maximize their therapy sessions by being as open and honest as they can. Therapy is a two-way street. For therapy to be effective and lasting, both the guest and their therapist must be able to express their own views and insights. Open, honest communication is essential to individual therapy.

Our mission and sole purpose is to help you rebuild a life founded on happiness, health, and meaning in sobriety. We will work tirelessly to ensure your success, because we believe you deserve the beauty that comes with a fulfilling life.

Our admissions coordinators make themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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