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Sea Glass is a symbol of transformation.

What was once broken became a well-rounded treasure.

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Seaglass Recovery is a comprehensive addiction treatment center with a holistic approach. We provide a range of intensive therapies and offer a list of services to help each guest reach their full potential in sobriety. We see our guests for the people they truly are; not who they were in the past, but who they are and who they can be.

Our programs are a testament to our mission. We don’t just help you stay sober from drugs or alcohol, we give you the tools you need to rebuild a life rooted in happiness, health, and meaning. Our programs teach coping mechanisms to stay away from drugs or alcohol, but we also use therapies to teach each guest why they reach for the drink or drug in the first place. Our programs provide insight, support, and care— we help each guest through the recovery process, guiding you through your personal transformation.

Seaglass Recovery

Seaglass Recovery offers multiple levels of care. Our inpatient level of care is carried out through our residential inpatient program, which is a program that runs for either 2-weeks or 30 days. Next is our step-down programming, which is our 9-week program. During the 9-week program, guests will transition from a partial hospitalization level of care into an intensive outpatient level.

Our holistic approach runs on a bio-psycho-social model. The holistic approach encompasses healing the mind, body, and spirit, for a whole-hearted recovery experience. We believe that truly recovering requires working on each aspect of your self. We employ a variety of therapies to provide healing in all areas.

Seaglass Recovery is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. Our location offers the best balance of the great outdoors, sunny weather, dry heat, and a well-established recovery community. The city of Prescott is in central Arizona, home to many historic buildings, museums, and outdoor attractions like Watson Lake. Prescott is also known as Arizona’s Christmas City, famous for the parade of lights and Christmas offerings during the holiday season.

Seaglass Recovery integrates stabilization, healing in the mind, physical wellness, and spiritual principles to create an unmatched recovery. Your experience with us means just as much to us and it will to you, because we feel truly grateful to even witness your transformation.

The Power to Transform is what we strive to show you, because we know everyone has that power within them; part of our job is getting you to recognize that power within yourself.

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Have any questions?

We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions about our treatment, programs, services, insurance, etc. Just call one of our experienced admissions coordinators at any time.

Our admissions coordinators make themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Power to Transform

The Power to T r a n s f o r m

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